Why Cool Local?

Cool Local is ‘Here to cheer people up’ by sharing uplifting stories of individuals and independent and smaller organisations. We encourage people to be positive, to strive for better things and to help each other. We have cheered up the wonderful rugby and charity fundraising organisation the Welsh Charitables RFC, who are delighted to have been shared by Cool Local, and we’re proud that the Netherton Foundry sold product when we talked about them. Check out our Blog here; and our Twitter here.

What is the latest thing that cheers us up? The response to Covid-19, in many ways. There are so many positives amid the gloom, created by people doing exceptional things, or ordinary things in an exceptional way. This blog post captures some positives and compares the task before us to the near-disaster of the Apollo13 space flight in 1970.

The Cool Local website is dedicated to the memory of the late author David Nobbs and the also late Dr Joy Philippou, both of whom helped make many peoples lives more worth living. More on this in our About page.