Independent bakeries: Coffee Kitchen Bakery, Cockermouth

The Coffee Kitchen in Cockermouth, Cumbria reminds us of why small, local, independent bakeries can be just great.

I visited them for the second time while on holiday in July 2021, and as with the first time kept going back for the two weeks I was there, The bread is very tasty (as in delicious) and there is plenty of variety, including a loaf made with coffee and an outstanding stoneground wholemeal. What the shop sells varies, with some filled rolls there regularly, others popping up at intervals, and with muffins and patisserie – such as apricot slices – appearing every so often.

Also, while the opening hours are regular enough, the doors are sometimes open when the bakery is just baking, and presumably getting pretty warm, and you can smell the lovely baking smell for some way around the area and see racks filling up inside, readying themselves for deliveries. The staff are cheerful too, even when it is raining outside. ‘classic Cumbria weather’, as one put it, and that despite their putting in many a long hour and working early, late, or both.

The Coffee Kitchen Bakery? Definitely cool, and if you’re in Cockermouth, cool.

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By Darren Weale, Founder, Cool Local, 2nd August 2021

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