Cool advertising

Cool advertising? Are we serious? Well, yes we are.

The money paid for advertising supports things, from print media including community magazines, to charity sponsorships, to radio shows, and a lot more. Love Island! I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! The Olympics, you get the idea. Lots of things, big and small.

However, our favourite? Horticultural advertising. Perhaps you’ve noticed, but often ‘in partnership’ with local councils, private companies and others advertise via plaques on green spaces, mainly planted verges and flower beds by roads. Those living spots of leaf and flower are uplifting, and often the alternative would be weed and rubbish-filled areas that are depressing.

So well done to those who sponsor with money or otherwise maintain green spaces and flowerbeds. In the case of my local area, Bromley, that means companies including PC Roofing (pictured) and further away, in Cockermouth in Cumbria, we spotted a flowerbed looked after by the local Rotary Club, above.

Well done to all concerned. Sometimes the sponsorship/advertising can be less obviously beneficial. A local roundabout, again in Bromley, has had signs advertising a local shutters company. Yet there isn’t a hint of planting and the grass and bushes look exactly as they have always done. Is that money improving anything except council finances? Doubtful.

Darren Weale, Founder, Cool Local

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