The Cool Local website is ‘Determined to cheer people up’ by sharing good things that are enjoyable to learn about. We started as a bright idea and as a reaction to negativity, not the least of which was an overheard conversation between a couple disembarking from a bus, and one saying to the other, “This country has gone to the dogs, we should have left years ago”. The UK is always changing, and often not in good ways, but there is so much to love and to enjoy and to fight for, frankly, rather than leaving or complaining about or both.

This website is dedicated to the memory of the late author David Nobbs. Born in Orpington in Kent, he wrote for some of the most famous people on British TV, and authored the Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin Whose initials were deliberately chosen as RIP). David particularly loved the absurd, and his last novel, the Fall and Rise of Sally Mottram, featured a lady who achieved remarkable things unexpectedly, the kind of spirit Cool Local most admires. We met David when he returned to Orpington to speak, a day that was, in part, absurd, and ended well, in an Indian restaurant. David wrote a guest blog for us to inspire the writers of the future. This website is co-dedicated to the  ‘world’s oldest rapper’, Dr Joy Philippou, MBE, whose Star Foundation Awards, remarkable spirit and love for people of all ages and background was inspirational.

Here are a few words from people we’ve bumped in to along the way that are worth reading:

“People think there is no community left in this country, but everywhere we go, there is.” – Nick Knowles, DIY SOS – more here