Bromley social media

Social media is a very powerful tool, often a force for good. It enables people to easily share things, to make friends, and to learn. It helps to raise money for good causes, and even though the online commerce world has made life difficult for many high street businesses, some have thrived or survived by using social media effectively. Like many things, it is what you make of it.

In this section, we focus, uniquely, on one location, the London borough of Bromley, because we’re based there. We’re providing some guidance to local social media users and sharing links to the active local social media. We also have our own Facebook community for Bromley social media users, here. Why? Because it will help people to connect and prosper and build community interaction.

Initially, we will focus on sharing the active social media of local ‘bricks and mortar’, social media users who are physically part of the community, such as shops, leisure facilities, clubs, churches, and so on. A lot of these would benefit from raised awareness. Local streets are helped if more people use local shops and services if they know more about them through social media. We list social media links that are active (updated within 2 months of when we review them). The first page of links we’re sharing is:

  1. Bromley on the street – find active social media users near you – work in progress, started August 2018. Many businesses have chains with branches on the high street and the individual outlets don’t have their own, local, social media, so they aren’t included. Page here
  2. Popular Bromley social media links – other than Cool Local, where are the spaces online that are community hubs in Bromley? Visit this page to find out.