This News page is more than for news about what Cool Local is up to. It mostly features news that, like Cool Local itself, can cheer people up.

August 2021 – After another big gap, we’re posting again, and will be more often. We start with a post about the Coffee Kitchen Bakery in Cockermouth in Cumbria. See post here.

September 2020 – As you can see, there has been a big gap since our last news. There hasn’t been a lack of news from other sources. There is a massive amount and, frankly, most of it bad. There was a period in lockdown, which is one thing to miss about it, when much of the media and many, many people across the UK were seeking or making good news, and there ertr remarkable demonstrations of community spirit, from Clap for Carers, to Captain Tom and his remarkable fundraising, and even the government remembered it could swiftly take homeless off the streets and into accommodation, for once. Now, some of the easing of lockdown means that places like Cool Local the Croft Tea Room CIC in Bromley, London, are running again. There are fewer signs of life in the world of theatre and live music, but some Cool Local businesses including Animal Health Highland have hung on in there despite shocks to income and ability to have staff in. We have always been in the hope business, and we still are. The Cool Local website and our encouragement for people who make life worth living continues.

April 2020 – Since we last posted, the world has been severely affected by the Covid-19 virus and the responses to it. Much has changed, some of it permanently, some of it temporarily. Yet the importance of local people up and down the UK is constant, as is the need to share good things being done locally, which is why we exist. The recent ‘Clap for our Carers’ happening was a welcome way of cheering up beleaguered NHS and other staff in the frontline against this condition. If you can, stay at home, and stay safe. We have added some virtual events to our Calendar in support of businesses and others in one area, Bromley in south east London. You can view our Calendar here.

January 2020 – to start the year, we’ve returned to one of our recurrent themes, the high street, with a post talking about the way coffee is helping non-coffee outlets survive in difficult trading conditions – read here. That meant taking off our home page the interesting tale of winter athlete Elise Christie, but we keep the link here. See for a tough, but rewarding, tale.

May 2019 – here is a little round-up of cool stories we’ve come across. To start, ‘Liverpool Homeless FC’, a five-a-side football team providing a safe place for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Liverpool. More here. We also came across the creator of The Happy News, whose motivation for doing this is similar to ours. More here. One of the friends of Cool Local has also told us about the lovely Persephone bookshop. We like bookshops anyway, but this one looks really cool and we’ll be visiting. Ronnie Scott’s, the famous Jazz Club, is doing something cool – ‘Big Band in a Day’ workshops – ‘Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club invites young musicians to a monthly one day free workshop in which they will be formed into a Jazz Big Band and perform on the club’s stage that evening’ – see Not all that PC, but innocent enough and rather British, we heard, on the BBC Radio, so it must be alright, about Porn Peddlers, a London-based “ramshackle bunch of cycling enthusiasts who happen to work in or around the UK adult entertainment industry. Riding for fun. Riding for (18+)”. Also in sport, the touching and inspirational story of Elise Christie, a woman who literally when knocked down, proves she and others can get up and get on again, in the most extreme of circumstances, here. Finally, we posted about the Croft Tea Room in St Mary Cray, Bromley. Check it out here.

20th November 2018 – Cool Local is embarking on a special project to bring people together ‘on the street’ in Bromley in London by sharing local active on the street social media users. Social media can help people meet up and use local shops and services, even more so if there is a source you can go to and find all that social media. So we’re doing it. More here. You’ll also find our Calendar is a lot more active now, including on events in Bromley and across the UK.

16th September 2018 – There has been a bit of a gap since our last news, because we’ve been busy. We’ve new blog posts – one from the Secret Widget Festival in Surrey here and another – which we’ll be adding to – about Cockermouth in Cumbria here and another festival one from the Ealing Blues Festival here  We have updated more of this website including the Calendar and there are two new pages. In short, we are helping a local area by sharing its on the street active social media users, businesses, charities, churches, schools, etc, and we’re doing that in Bromley. So we have an introductory page here and the actual street by street record is here:

13th June 2018 –  UnjadedJade is in the news, an inspiring young lady who has used social media, especially You Tube, to help her fellow teenagers undergoing exams. We wrote about her in our latest blog post, here.

3rd June 2018 – We saw people and three dogs from Happy Endings Rescue in Polhill Garden Centre, Sevenoaks, Kent, raising money. Why is this cool news? If you’d seen the dogs, you wouldn’t need to ask. In fact, you can. See image above.

22nd December 2017 – News of a young lady who attempted suicide and who went on to embrace life and shared her story –